Welcoming Words

Hello and welcome to Organic Times Syndicate. Before you are overly excited by, in my opinion, an amazing name for a blog, I must say that I decide to write here because one of the forms of my personal happiness lies in writing. At this moment, I am doing some chemistry, organic chemistry to be precise, in a university laboratory in the Netherlands. I am, however, not a fully specialized man in this particular field since I also did various multiple-month projects in other branches of chemistry in the past. On the other hand, I think it will be the best idea for myself to write about organic chemistry as a tool to keep up with the daily development in this area across the oceans as well as to learn something new on a regular basis.

As the tagline states, Organic Times Syndicate will deliver news about recent synthetic methods in the literature. It seems quite simple, but the complicity is certain because a massive number of synthetic protocols is published in a great number of scientific journals every week. I wish I could compile all procedures, but the task will need more than an ordinary student in myself. All synthetic methodologies posted here are thus just arbitrarily selected. Of course, I am glad to receive ideas about which current article deserves to be highlighted.

I have been grown up during the era of “The Learning Revolution”, and I believe it is a good point that someone can be a lifelong learner. I thank you for visiting Organic Times Syndicate, it is my hope that you enjoy your stay, and it is my pleasure to read and perhaps response to your comments, especially when I make mistakes here and there. I am grateful to Automattic for providing me with the beautiful theme.